We ship to every State and City in the United States

kell From Lafayette, LA

I loved Skywalk Dispensary for the fast and secured delivery! Would recommend to anyone looking for fire bud.

Emily From Dallas, TX

I love skywalk so much this is the 3 time I’m ordering them and they have never failed in any single delivery.

StarMorman From Detroit, MI

So far this is the best I’ve tried as far as good delivery. The 1/2Lb OG kush I bought from them was Super sweet. Smells sweet too. Very good for PTSD. Not super intense. Good head high with just enough to make anxiety go away.

GarySean From Duluth, MN

Super sweet smooth delivery near perfection

Chapman_420 From Jackson, MS

I bought 2 LB from Skywalk and was delivered 3 LB yesterday this is some good weed man, thanks Skywalk

Swood22 From Asheville, NC

Very good mello and intense high love the LB of sour diesel

Elimina From Juneau, AK

Smoothest strand I’ve ever had a delivery of weed like this all the way 5 stars

Frank From Phoenix, AZ

Damn good Deliver.

Jorgejetson From Hartford, CT

Very good smooth arrival reminds me when I first started skunky & munchies

Spooky From Wilmington,DE

I haven’t smoked weed in 5 years. This Buddha stuff is great. It smells like citrus. II’ve had some silly laughs. It’s great for watching movies, listening to music and staring at the trees. Thanks For been Legit Skywalk.

Warmul21 From Athens-Clarke County, GA

Definitely one of the best weed I’ve ever tried… Gets you VERY high and somewhat bouncy, perfect for sharing. thanks Skywalk.

Doris From Hilo, HI

Absolutely baked on Skywalk Dispensary ! I must say they are amazingly good, my hubby is sat laughing his head off at me!

Jake from Pocatello Idaho, ID

Top 5 Weed Websites I know forsure!!!

Antoine From Joliet Illinois, IL

Really dense flowers, very strong meds. thanks Skywalk

Samuel From Indianapolis, IN

Found it pretty good. they helped me for pain. thanks skywalk

Jack From Wichita, KS

Best ever! Helps me relax to where I can actually sleep. Takes half the amount of what usually takes to get me to sleep. thanks Skywalk

Peckins From Rochester, NY

It’s so smooth, smell is great. DEFINITELY a sativa and wicked potent.


If your happy with our service or have any complain email us @ info@skywalkdispensary.com with you name, State, city and message.